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Children’s Book Review - Style by Alice King

A massive thank you to Alice King at 'Style by Alice King' for her lovely review of ‘The Legend of the Knightwatch - The Bear's Tale’. As well as her style and motherhood blog, Alice is also the founder and editor of 'Alice and the Mum's Magazine', a online zine that explores issues relating to motherhood.

'I’m a big believer that the journey of a lifetime begins with the turning of a page, and for us as a family, the ritual of bath, book, bed is the highlight of a busy, chaotic day. Our enjoyment all hinges on what journey we go on, and we are always looking for unique, new and classic reads to fill the shelf- especially as Ted is maturing and understanding more.

A new firm favourite on our bookshelf is ‘The Legend of the Knightwatch’ by Dan Baker. Having a son named ‘Ted,’ he is immediately drawn to any book with a teddy bear character, so we were immediately winning with this one!

This book couldn’t have come at a better time for us. Recently expressing his fear of the dark, Ted is starting to understand his own (sometimes very big and bewildering) emotions. The story gives children the reassurance and encouragement to feel brave and explore the layers and truth behind their fears. Our favourite way to read is under the covers, just a torch in hand and all the soft toys around us lined up to read to. Ted will often sit and softly and calmly explain to the toys they don’t need to be scared- a skill he has gained from this read.

The rhythmic prose hooks little ones from the get go. The illustrations are beautifully done, giving Ted the opportunity to ‘read’ to me, creating his own fairytales and dreams based on the images, carrying the story way beyond the adventures written on the pages.

It’s safe to say this is a new firm favourite on our bookshelf and is now a regular read for us. I would recommend to the parents of children of all ages- toddler, pre schoolers and those learning to read and into junior school. We’ve got our fingers crossed for more chapters of adventures, and this is a story that we will come back to for years to come.

Available to buy on Amazon by clicking here. (Paperback £5.99 or Kindle version (£3.99)'


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