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The Legend of the Knightwatch:
The Bear's Tale

Written by Dan Baker & Illustrated by Ian G. Beck

A teddy bear embarks on a quest to confront the Shadow Beast, who scares children with bad dreams. A fun and reassuring tale for small children about facing fears and nightmares and to say, 'WE'RE NOT AFRAID OF YOU!'


Follow Bear as he journeys alone to the land of shadows on his quest to protect his owner. Along the way, he encounters the magical wizard Sandman, the maker of dreams, and is joined on his quest by a zebra called Grey. Can this small teddy bear find the key to face his fears and fulfil his quest to protect children from nightmares?

Legend of the Knightwatch The Bear's Tale Children's story book Dan Baker Ian G.Beck
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For Ages
3 - 7

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"Beautifully written in rhyming prose with stunning illustrations throughout.
This is a timeless story which will capture the heart and imagination of any child."

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