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'Hope' - Chelmsford Radio Drama Festival 2023

Project Future - Year 2347: Ten space ships, each representing key nations from around the the world, are launched in search of a new home planet. Each ship, democratically crewed by ten genetically selected families are tasked with the responsibility of the survival of the human race. When one ship receives a distress call from another, the families of the S.S Hope are forced to decide what is more important; human survival or human morality!

Really please to announce that our short Sci-Fi Drama 'Hope' will be played during the Chelmsford Radio Drama Festival from the 5th-10th June, with a broadcast on Chelmsford Radio later in the month.

The short version of the play was written especially for the Drama festival and was directed and performed by the young students of the MBG Club from Backnang, Germany.

For me, taking a back seat from the recording and editing of the final piece was a real change from other projects I've been involved in, and I look forward to hearing the final version and how the young people of the MBG Radio club have interpreted the script.

Radio script writing was something that I had never ventured into before recently and Hope was not originally the radio play I was working on and intending to submit to the drama festival. However, once I started speaking to Dorethee who leads the Radio Club, we quickly realised that a new script was needed. I wrote the first draft over 5 days and I went in channelling my love for science-fiction audio dramas like the ones made by Big Finish. I've always felt that science-fiction as a genre is a great way to present current world events and debates, and looking back at the script and my original ideas, I can see that concepts such as global warming and pollution, Brexit and British Politics, Russias attack on Ukraine, and the narratives shaped by politicians and the British media, underline the key debates of human morality and survival that are hinted at within the play. I hope to take the play and evolve it to a longer piece in the future and explore the debates more.

The Radio drama festival is a brilliant new addition to Chelmsford, allowing new and established writers and radio performers to experiment and bring new pieces to audiences. Thank you to Chelmsford Community Radio Station and Michelle Durant for organising a great festival programme.

You can find out more about the festival and book tickets to exclusive listening sessions at

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