The most essential aspect of any film and video production is the screenplay or script.  
Here are outlines of some of our produced & un-produced scripts & screenplays for short films, documentaries, features and theatre pieces.

The Last Graveyard Slot

Feature: Horror Drama

A rebellious All-Night Radio host must face her demons and fears when she finds herself trapped in the station with her ex, his new girlfriend, her replacement and a media-hungry boss, as a mystery virus takes  the city.

Written by Dan Baker

The Thankful Stranger

Short: Drama

Bobby feels unappreciated as an NHS worker, but when he finds himself talking to a mysterious stranger online, he begins to see a future that values those who care on the frontline of the pandemic. 

Written by Dan Baker and reached top 250 for the BBC Writers Room's InterConnected Competition

The Power Behind
the Microphone

Feature: Biography

“The Power Behind the Microphone” is the true story of rebellious radio pioneer Peter Eckersley. At the forefront of early British Broadcasting, Eckersley energised radio and brought the BBC to the airwaves. But when his work starts to be used for the wrong reasons, Peter finds himself up against the corporation that he built, Churchill and the Nazi Party. 

Written by Tim Wander & Dan Baker

The Birth of Radio

Feature: Documentary

'The Birth of Radio' is a documentary that explores the events that led up to Dame Nellie Melba's renowned radio broadcast in June 1920 from a small workshop in Chelmsford and how these events then went on to build the British Broadcasting Company.

Written by Tim Wander & Dan Baker


Short: Romantic Comedy

When a young man takes the chance to say 'hello' but fails to get the attention of the Woman who sits next to him every lunchtime in the park,  he goes on a search to find the key to introducing himself and getting her attention.

Written by Dan Baker

Customer Care

Short: Comedy

Stuck in a telephone queue, a Man's patience and sanity is tested to the limits as he waits for a human to speak to.

Written by Dan Baker