Curious Name?

For us, curiosity is central to telling new and original stories; it allows us to create meaningful content, encourages us to ask questions and think-outside-of-the-box, and pushes us to build and improve upon what has come before!

The Power of Story

From campfire tales to big screen classics, good stories have always had the ability to entertain, inform and inspire and we believe it's most effective way to engage with an audience.

What We Do

We're an end-to-end creative video production company; working with passion to develop concepts, through scripting, filming, editing and post-production, to deliver original, innovative, quality video content.

Our Approach

We approach every project with story at the core and is the foundation that we build upon. We're passionate about telling fresh and original stories in a creative and engaging way.

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Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer & Editor

Graduating from the International Film School of Wales, Dan is an award winning freelance film and video director, writer and editor with a passion for storytelling. Striving for excellence, Dan prides himself on his professional and creative approach, thinking outside of the box but with a keen sense of purpose and audience. Dan enjoys taking on new challenges in an array of different forms and genres, drawing on classical film techniques and embracing contemporary practices to produce stand-out pieces. When not working on film projects, Dan lectures in Film, Media and Screenwriting and enthusiastically promotes creativity, filmmaking and cinema history to others.

Image Courtesy of Amy Warwick: cargoCollective

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